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Tay Wee Zheo, also known as Th Sound Pixl, is an aspiring Electronic Music Producer/Artist, Audio Engineer and Sound Designer whose strengths lie in Audio-Post Production. He began his journey in sound ever since he discovered audio editing softwares during his early teens. Since then, he has never stopped experimenting with them and has picked up multiple techniques in perfecting his sound over the years. Having been attached to Yellow Box Studios Singapore as an Intern, he has worked with professionals and picked up skills necessary for the industry.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Electronic Music Productions

Included in this playlist are my Electronic Music productions, mostly done through experimenting with Soft Synths on FLStudio while the track, 'Workshop', was created through sampling different sounds and manipulating them with different effects (e.g. Distortion) on Pro Tools HD 7.4.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Modern Elegance (Jingle)

'Modern Elegance' is a Jingle which was composed by me using 'Xpand!' on Pro Tools LE 8, with the purpose of portraying a Classy looking Sports Car.

Live Mix Maestro 2012 - Highlights of Finals

Live Mix Maestro 2012 was a Final Year Industrial Project organized by my final year project team, which consists of Christopher Lim, Khairi Khamari, Awallul Said and Brandon Er and me, Tay Wee Zheo, throughout September 2011 to the end of March 2012.

It is a competition which aims to identify the next DJ Superstar from any of our local institutions and at the same time, to promote the Deejay-ing culture in Singapore. It is a collaboration between Electronic Music Productions, an Interest Group in Republic Polytechnic, Lenovo Group Limited and co-sponsored by Pioneer Corporation.

The project was implemented through a series of events, marketing Lenovo and Pioneer’s brand in the local Deejay-ing industry. The use of skills in events management, public relations and marketing techniques all played an important role in making sure that the whole project runs successfully.

The project attracted more than 600 likes on our Facebook page, with over 40 mixtape submissions by interested parties all over Singapore. The semi-finals phase, held at the Black Box Theater at The Republic Cultural Centre, Republic Polytechnic on the 7th and 8th of February determined which of the participants will enter the final stage, which was held at Club Phuture, Zouk on the 8th of March 2012.

The above is a video summarizing the night when the Finals were held.

Footage by: Khairi Khamari and Awallul Said

Video Edited by: Christopher Lim

Music by: Tay Wee Zheo

Interview with 'Berita Harian' - 26th Mar 2012

The article above, dated 26th Mar 2012, is a report/interview about my Final Year/Industrial Project, termed Live Mix Maestro 2012, an Inter-Tertiary DJ Competition held island-wide.

It talks about how we managed to overcome all the trials and tribulations in securing $10,000 worth of sponsorship prizes and pulling off the competition successfully with great support and guidance from our mentors in school.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interview with 'The Newpaper' - 22nd Feb 2012

The article above, dated 22nd Feb 2012, is a report/interview about my Final Year/Industrial Project, termed Live Mix Maestro 2012, an Inter-Tertiary DJ Competition held island-wide.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Behind-the-Scenes of 'Live Mix Maestro' (Audio Cleanup)

'Live Mix Maestro 2012 - Behind the Scenes' video was entirely scripted and shot by my FYP team, consisting of Christopher Lim, Brandon Er, Muhd Awallul, Muhd Khairi and me, Tay Wee Zheo.

Video edited by: Christopher Lim

Recording by: Christopher Lim, Brandon Er, Muhd Awallul, Muhd Khairi

Audio Mixing/Cleanup by: Tay Wee Zheo

Music by: Tay Wee Zheo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

'Live Mix Maestro 2012' Sound Track

The above is a promotional video for my Final Year Project, termed 'Live Mix Maestro 2012', a local inter-tertiary deejay competition, featuring a Drum and Bass track produced by me, Tay Wee Zheo.

Video done and edited by: Endy Susanto